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MyPetzl Light


(Connected headlamps available from July 2016)Easily customize the performance of your Petzl, REACTIK + or NAO + headlamp, thanks to their Bluetooth® Smart functionality. Instantly and at any time, you can check the remaining burn time, activate a preset profile or one fully customized to your activity, and adjust your lamp's brightness.
• Get real-time information on your lamp's status:- battery charge level- remaining burn time- the headlamp profile currently active
• Create your own lighting profiles or choose from among the Petzl presets: multiactivity, trail running, trekking, mountaineering, backpacking... Several lighting levels available for each profile, depending on your activity and needs.
• Enter LIVE mode!- to control the headlamp from your mobile device with Bluetooth® Smart- for real time adjustment of brightness and burn time
• Emergency light signal: in case of emergency, compose a brief message on your smartphone, which the lamp converts to a light signal. Useful when there is no cell reception!